When we are looking to do anything this is the first thing we think about.   A highly motivated person lives in a world where they WANT TO do things, not all of us are so lucky

When you feel you have GOT TO do something either because you have been told to, no one else will or you see no productive benefit from it.  This becomes a chore you lack the motivation to accomplish the chore to a good standard and in a reasonable amount of time or even to start it in the first place!

When you feel you NEED TO do something there is still reluctance although you can see a benefit, its still something you have to push yourself to do reaffirming the reason why you NEED TO do the Chore

WANT TO is a different matter.  When we WANT TO do something we are motivated and driven to accomplish the task we look to do the best Job or to be on time.

Take Night Fisherman if the motivation was I’ve GOT TO do this, do you believe they would pack the car and go out on a cold rainy night to sit on a river bank.  Maybe if they NEEDED TO it would be easier.   IF we can move the Motivation to WANT TO ie) so my family can eat.  I enjoy the peace and quiet.  I enjoy the challenge.

Most things are possible when we can move the motivation through these three stages and an individual can say they WANT TO accomplish the Task

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