What Do You Want Most From Your Life?

What Do You Want Most From Your Life?





Happiness ?

Your journey starts here.

Emma Gathergood, author of ‘Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Naturally’, uses a simple analogy when introducing the idea of “wholism” to her clients.

She describes a beach ball with its body made of 4 different colours. From the side view you only see one colour, but from the top you can see a little of all of them.

As we go about our busy lives we often get quite caught into one perspective on a situation.   We may be so fully engrossed that we don’t notice anything at all and blindly go on.

Working with clients, we conduct a detailed review of all aspects of their life.  This is because I believe for a healthy lifestyle we need to be focussing on all aspects not just one or two.

For example if we focus so much on fun and leisure, and ignore careers and money, I don’t need to point out the future problem there.

There are always overlaps between each section.  Exploring these and working though the barriers brings balance to your life and happiness.

By completing your personal Wheel of life, you will be able to look at all aspects of your life.
Enabling you to fine tune each individual section for your greater benefit. Instead of focusing on just one part and allowing that to overwhelm all others.
You can contact me for a personal session or Come and join my free fun workshop to examine your wheel of life. Find out where improvements could be made to make your life more balanced, and where you can take back control.
This is a great Visual exercise tool, to help you create more balance and success in your life. It is often used in coaching and is a great foundation exercise when goal-setting or creating personal targets.
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What Do You Want Most From Your Life?

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