1/1 Coaching Sessions;

 What can I expect 

We will have half an hour phone conversation to establish our rapport, giving you a overview of what to expect and to see if we feel comfortable with each other

I will email you

A copy of my terms and conditions

A basic information form .                  Name, address,  etc

Our coaching agreement .                   We will both sign this before our 1/1

A wheel of life assessment tool.      This is a simple tool for you to complete before we meet  and will indicate how you see your life 

We will meet at my purpose built coaching room in Kingswinford  West Midlands   or via Skype if you so wish.  for a 1 hour 1/1 session,  reviewing your completed Wheel of life  using the GROW model

I will send you an email with in 10 days  reviewing our session.

this will be £50 per session