If you have found your way to this page you believe one or more of these statements

  • You have a problem
  • You have an addiction
  • You’re affected by someone who you believe has a problem
  • You want to do something about it
  • You want help but don’t know where to go
  • You’re interested in addiction issues

How can I help you?

Well I have spent the last 26 years within a criminal justice environment, the last 11 of these working as an Addiction councillor. 

Encouraging and coaching people who didn’t necessarily want help, to see there is a future,.

Helping them to explore their options.

 All of this with limited time frames and fixed protocols. I have worked with a number of models including ITEP,  Cognitive Behavioural Approaches, BSFT, Motivational interviewing,  Mental health awareness, Mental health first aid, and a number of other models linked to addiction.

One size does not fit all, we will tailor every plan to your individual needs and include

Motivation to change

The most important thing is your desire to Change your destructive behaviour.  So we will work on strengthening your Motivation to be free,

Goal planning

Who do you see when you look in the mirror are you comfortable with that person, do you congratulate them when you do well.  We will work together to build that relationship that person in the mirror is the one person you can’t lie to.

Coping strategies and triggers

Would you step in the road without looking ?   No ?  I doubt it, you know it’s dangerous and to be avoided.   So I will help you to know your danger areas/signs and build coping strategies to help you cope as you move forward.

Relapse prevention planning

I was doing so well what’s the point

Sound familiar? Sometimes you feel you have taken one step forward and ten back and feel nothing will ever change.  I will help you build your safe plan for the future,

Let’s be honest with ourselves nothing will happen over night, we will work at your pace, you will set your own achievable targets and praise yourself when your reach them