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According to Shopaholics Anonymous, there are several different types of shopaholics, and they are as follows:

  • Compulsive shopaholics who shop when they are feeling emotional distress
  • Trophy shopaholics who are always shopping for the perfect item
  • Shopaholics who want the image of being a big spender and love flashy items
  • Bargain seekers who purchase items they don’t need because they are on sale
  • Bulimic shoppers who get caught in a vicious cycle of buying and returning
  • Collectors who don’t feel complete unless they have one item in each colour or every piece of a set

What to talk your thoughts through; Call Alan


If you have found your way to this page you believe one or more of these statements

  • You have a problem
  • You have an addiction
  • You’re affected by someone who you believe has a problem
  • You want to do something about it
  • You want help but don’t know where to go
  • You’re interested in addiction issues

How can I help you?

Well I have spent the last 26 years within a criminal justice environment, the last 11 of these working as an Addiction councillor. 

Encouraging and coaching people who didn’t necessarily want help, to see there is a future,.

Helping them to explore their options.

 All of this with limited time frames and fixed protocols. I have worked with a number of models including ITEP,  Cognitive Behavioural Approaches, BSFT, Motivational interviewing,  Mental health awareness, Mental health first aid, and a number of other models linked to addiction.

One size does not fit all, we will tailor every plan to your individual needs and include

Motivation to change

The most important thing is your desire to Change your destructive behaviour.  So we will work on strengthening your Motivation to be free,

Goal planning

Who do you see when you look in the mirror are you comfortable with that person, do you congratulate them when you do well.  We will work together to build that relationship that person in the mirror is the one person you can’t lie to.

Coping strategies and triggers

Would you step in the road without looking ?   No ?  I doubt it, you know it’s dangerous and to be avoided.   So I will help you to know your danger areas/signs and build coping strategies to help you cope as you move forward.

Relapse prevention planning

I was doing so well what’s the point

Sound familiar? Sometimes you feel you have taken one step forward and ten back and feel nothing will ever change.  I will help you build your safe plan for the future,

Let’s be honest with ourselves nothing will happen over night, we will work at your pace, you will set your own achievable targets and praise yourself when your reach them


The GROW model

The GROW Model is one of the most established and successful coaching models. Created by Alexander Graham, Sir John Whitmore and colleagues in the 1980s,

The great thing about working with the GROW model is that you don’t need to be an expert in your client’s specific issues to be able to coach them. The GROW coaching model offers a framework for questioning to elicit goals, obstacles, options and more without ever needing to offer advice or force any particular direction.

What is the Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a great exercise and tool for helping you create more balance and success in your life. It is often used in coaching and is a great foundation exercise when goal-setting.

A way to take a good, hard look at each facet of your life, and rate its relative quality level, so you can uncover which areas need more attention than others. Consider each area like a spoke of a wheel: When one of the spokes is shorter than the others, the wheel breaks.  By getting this view of your life, discover where the gaps are between where you are today and where you want to be.

Wheel of Life Workshop

This Free workshop

Wheel of Life Workshop
Wheel of Life Workshop

Approximately 2 hours in duration, this workshop encourages you to look at your current life balance.  compare this with your aspirations and explore the small steps you can take towards that dream

You will leave with your own quality work book and hopefully motivated to move onward and upwards

In this workshop we use an assessment tool called the (Wheel of Life)

Call Alan 07504539043


Very good session, clear questions that made me think about what I want, and how i’m going to achieve them in the most efficient way.    many thanks

Sam (student)

Alan has helped me establish my goals, and ways I can achieve them.  By talking to him about what I need to do has helped me to realise there are other ways for me to gain more clients.

Luke (personal trainer)


OPTIONS;    SKYPE or  1/1 in purpose built coaching room, at my home

Making the most of the country side and the water and its positive energies I  can arrange ;-  walking coaching,  boat coaching

1/1 Coaching Sessions;                                       (more details)

Coaching packages                                              (more details)

Workshops;                                                                (more details)


Training Workshops;

Team building

Basic drug awareness


Drugs Why!

Basic drug awareness and discussion around the impact on                                          society and the individual

My 50 years of Scouting

Brief history of Scouting and its impact on my life

You’re Wheel of life

Explore the Wheel of Life and complete your own

About Me

I have spent the last 26 years within a criminal justice environment, the last 11 of these working as an addiction councillor.  Encouraging and coaching people to see there is a future, helping them to explore their options. Along side this I am a trained and accredited Life Coach by ducks in a row, a trainer and group facilitator and have worked with a number of models including ITEP, De-escalation management, Cognitive Behavioural Approaches, BSFT, Motivational interviewing,  Mental health awareness, Mental health first aid, and a number of other qualifications linked to addiction. I have recently completed the ducks in a row Life Coaching qualification.

In my spare time I am a Scouter and have held numerous roles within Scouting over the past 40 years. I am currently an Explorer Scout Leader in the Dudley District, part of the team providing Scouting for young people between the ages of 14 – 18.  I hold a current DBS clearance.

At home I have a grown up son and daughter and enjoy country holidays around the UK.  After so long in the criminal justice environment the opportunity arose to bring my experience and skill into the wider world and help others to explore their potential.