Do you understand your Family

Is understanding  more important than love, especially when it comes to intimate relationships.  Do you know any who adult looks back at there childhood and complain that her parents were too understanding.
Similarly, I have met many divorced people who still love each other but yet they never really understood each other.  Don’t get this wrong. I think love is great. I love my children and all of my family.
Is love enough. I work every day at better understanding the people whom I love. The willingness to understand is very important.
It is not always easy, but healthy love is strengthened by the willingness to understand. Love without understanding ?
Well adjusted couples work and learn to understand one another’s evolving needs as the years go by. Alternatively, couples that bite the dust and divorce typically have suffered a breakdown in understanding, or empathy.
Countless individuals reflect back on failed marriages or intimate relationships and say, “I guess we just drifted apart.”  This often becomes translated to “I love you but I am no longer in love with you.” Most relationships implode or explode when one or both partners think this way,

When parents, children, spouses or other relationship partners think or say “I’m done with you”  are they really saying, “I can’t (or don’t want to) understand you.”
Our egos are what seem to get in the way of understanding those who we love and care about. Often it is our need to be right that makes what others think and feel so wrong for us.
Empathy, is truly the emotional glue that holds all close relationships together. Empathy allows us to slow down and try to walk in the shoes of those we love. The deeper our empathy, the deeper-and healthier-our love. Not all relationships are meant to be. Yet all relationships that are meant to flourish in a healthy way.
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